Wallpainting research project Waalpaintings
Wallpainting research project Waalpaintings


Nijmegen Wall Museum
1 January 2020
Project member(s)
Dr E.E.J. Manders (Erika) M. Gielen (Marijn) , Dennis Jussen, Vincent William
Project type

The project aims to make Nijmegen's rich but often no longer visible city history visible again in a series of fifteen murals. This historical street art will be realised by artists from the region at locations in the inner city that have a direct connection with the historical stories on display.

The fifteen murals will be connected by a walking route. In this way, the series functions as a kind of picture book of Nijmegen's history. Via QR codes linked to the project website, walkers will be informed about the historical stories behind the murals, the artistic process of the artists, and the sponsors who have contributed to bringing the city's history back to life.

The selection of the fifteen stories is based on the Canon of Nijmegen, which was compiled in 2009. The selection is based on the available and appealing stories that can be directly linked to locations in the city centre, but attention is also paid to the chronological distribution of the historical stories in which both women and men are represented.


Each mural is financed separately, via crowdfunding, contributions from foundations or the municipality.

Interested in the project? More information is available on the Waalpaintings website.


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