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  • RNA

    Studying RNA-metabolite interactions

    In Velema’s project, researchers will study how RNA interacts with small molecules in the cell, called metabolites.

  • Robot lab

    Robot lab for Big Chemistry in the Netherlands

    The interdisciplinary research programme aims to build a revolutionary robot lab that combines chemistry and artificial intelligence (AI) and that will enrich the scientific infrastructure for chemistry in the Netherlands.

  • ‘Doorbraken op komst voor energiezuinige dataopslag’

    Brain-inspired computing

    In the project' Neuromorphic computational and data Science: towards disruptively green computing', IBM, SURF and Radboud University investigate how neuromorphic hardware can meet green and sustainable energy need.

  • led

    Molecular properties and light emission in electroluminescent devices

    The research study provides a blueprint for future systematic research to unravel how a current flow in an electroluminescent device such as an OLED eventually leads to light and what the role the molecular properties play.

  • Logo en familiefoto, Historische Database Suriname & de Cariben

    Historical Database Suriname and the Caribbean

    The goal of this project is to make information about the populations of Suriname and the former Netherlands Antilles available online for the public and for scientific research.

  • Valens Aqueduct in Istanbul

    Engaging with Istanbul's Water Heritage

    This project explores the potential of Istanbul's historical water heritage as a driver of sustainable solutions to contemporary and future challenges regarding water supply and use.

  • Virus particle corona

    Preclinical development of antiviral COVID medicine

    Researchers at the Synthetic Organic Chemistry group at Radboud University and spin-offs Protinhi and Artemis are developing an antiviral molecule medicine against COVID-19.

  • Sustainability & Public Law

    Five PhD candidates, all part of SteR, have started research projects focused on different aspects of sustainability and public law. They each focus on different area(s) of law within the wider field of public law.

  • “Pursuit of holiness” in the Provincia Belgica Flandrica during the second half of the seventeenth century

    In this project, the Carmelite pursuit of holiness in the second half of the 17th century is examined from four angles: as an administrative ambition, as a personal narrative, in the training of novices and within cultural sanctity-models.

  • Ongezond eten versus gezond eten

    Unhealthy eating in young adults

    This project aims to investigate factors affecting eating behaviors, such as stress, physical activity, and BMI. Additionally, this project seeks to design interventions targeting food cravings and unhealthy eating behaviors.

  • Meta-CLI


    Meta-CLI is a collaborative tool for researchers in the field of child bilingualism where they can share and use data on cross-linguistic influence.

  • PIC-gel in petrischaaltje

    Research projects involving the PIC gel

    The synthetic gel 'PIC', discovered in Nijmegen is a synthetic gel with the properties of a biological gel. As a synthetic material, researchers have full control over the structure and the mechanical properties.

  • Illustratie van een bruid en bruidegom van Elspeet in 1850

    In search of the perfect match

    This project will explore the transition from instrumental to romantic partner choice following the emergence of the love-match ideal in England that became internalized in nineteenth-century western countries

  • Corpus-based research into intra- and interpersonal language variation in people with aphasia

    People with aphasia (PWA) experience language impairments due to acquired brain damage. The aim of this project is therefore to make these individual differences measurable and record them, especially the differences within the speaker.

  • Employee of HFML-FELIX next to equipment

    Dutch User organisation for Accelerator-based Light Sources (DUALIS)

    The general mission of DUALIS is to strengthen the Dutch user community and its competitiveness for experiment time at international accelerator-based light sources including synchrotrons and free electron lasers (FELs).

  • Metabolite

    Accurate Biomarker Analysis

    The Translational Metabolic Laboratory (TML) of the Radboudumc and FELIX laboratory have joined forces by combining their next-generation metabolic screening and IR ion spectroscopy approaches.

  • Synthesis in lab

    Radboud Consortium for Glycoscience

    The Radboud Consortium for Glycoscience is a collaboration between different research groups of the Radboud University to engage in the field of glycobiology.

  • Woman sits at a table behind her laptop.

    Digitalisation in Language Education

    In this project, we are interested in the emerging interactions between learners, teachers, and the digital tools within these and similar contexts.

  • Developing novel behavioral interventions for highly sensitive people

    The purpose of this scientific research is to gain feedback on a new intervention program that is designed to increase well-being. We are seeking volunteers to provide feedback on our activities and their experience.

  • Line-drawing of person looking at a phone screen

    Autonomy, persuasion, and manipulation in the digital sphere

    Emerging information technologies like large language models and opaque recommendation systems pose challenges to public values. In this theme, researchers from various fields study the current online information ecosystem.