“You don’t know what it’s like!” Exploring the epistemic role of Experts-by-Experience in mental health care

NWO Open Competition XS

Expertise-by-Experience is increasingly influential in (Dutch) mental health care. However, the precise contribution of Experts-by-Experience is unclear, due to an epistemological dilemma at the heart of the concept of experiential knowledge: either it is a distinctively new form of knowledge in being subject-dependent but then becomes non-generalizable, or it is generalizable but no longer subject-dependent.

In their one-year project dr. Derek Strijbos and post-doc dr. Roy Dings aim to (i) employ tools from philosophy to resolve or sidestep this dilemma by scrutinizing the concepts underlying it, and (ii) establish a network of researchers, clinicians and Experts-by-Experience to share the results of this project and fuel further research on this topic.

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