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  • Mary Calkins

    Mary Whiton Calkins (1863 – 1930) and the Rise of Modern Psychology

    This PhD project will be the first comprehensive overview study of Calkins’s philosophical thought regarding the foundations, methods and implications of psychology.

  • Occasionalism

    Why the World Has Only One Agent: A Philosophical Comparison of Muslim and Christian Occasionalism

    The aim of this research is to compare arguments for and against occasionalism, as well as the underlying worldviews and conceptions of God in the Islamic and Christian traditions.

  • Kind voor een krijtbord met wiskundige teksten

    The EMOTIV (EEG) project

    Investigating children's numerical development using the EMOTIV EPOC X headset in a school setting to enhance understanding and potential interventions for math-related challenges.

  • Aphoristic forms of writing in Lebensphilosophie

    This research project aims to investigate the historico-philosophical significance of the aphoristic forms of writing that were practiced by authors of the Lebensphilosophie movement.

  • Aanhol

    Contesting Modernity: The Suppression of Atomism (1640 – 1680)

    This project aims to reconstruct the Catholic responses to the new currents at the heyday of the atomistic revival (1640-1680) and to map the internal struggles taking place within the Church and its institutions.

  • Vrouw achter computer

    ICT-competency and inequality in student performance

    We examine the role that aspects of information and communication technology (ICT) play in inequalities between family background and gender in educational outcomes.

  • Drie mannen en een vrouw op vier stoelen.

    Breaking Into the Boys’ Club

    This project collects unique data among the general workforce to provide new insights into the roles of unequal network composition and returns as explanations for gender disparities in career success.

  • Persoon met smartphone

    Look Who’s Talking

    The main aim of this project is to create and field-test chatbots designed to develop and foster long-term engaging and human-like conversations with humans for two technologically and linguistically diverse domains.

  • Kat met zonnebril

    Cool @ School

    Financed with an ERC starting grant, project Cool @ School (CatS) contributes to a better understanding of how kids think about and respond to being (un)popular, and how it may shape their bullying behavior.

  • Twee silhouetten van een man en een vrouw

    Pluralistic Ignorance and the Sexual Double Standard

    This project explores the role of pluralistic ignorance in perpetuating sexual double standards (SDS) and investigates the relationship between entertainment media consumption and SDS perception, interpretation, and application.

  • Een portretfoto van docente Serena Daalmans voor de ingang van het Maria Montessorigebouw

    Professionalisation module for better preparation for the job market

    Despite that students are very positive about the master's in Communication Studies, they lack the feeling of being well prepared for the job market. A professionalisation module might make a difference here.

  • Afbeelding van Lucas Boer en Dylan Henssen

    Anatomy education with Extended Reality

    The application of Extended Reality in anatomy education has been around for some time but there is still little known about its effects on students' learning efficiency,motivation and cognitive load. Dylan Henssen and Lucas Boer investigate.

  • Jeannette Mostert

    Commercial health checks: curse or blessing?

    The curriculum for students of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences does not yet address commercial health checks. However, it is important that students learn about it. How can an elective module change this?

  • Better understanding of the body with a 3D module

    Students in medical schools are supposed to have a 3D representation of the different levels of an organ, but education does not sufficiently facilitate this at present. An online module will help.

  • Gender multiculturaliteit Katrine Smiet

    Unlearning to learn more

    The current philosophy and religious studies curricula are in need of more diversity and a critical eye. Based on the premise of unlearning, Katrine Smiet and her colleagues take a close look at the curricula in order to make them diverse.

  • Immigration

    Innovating to Enhance Dialogues on Migration Policies and Practices – INNOVATE

    The INNOVATE research consortium will focus on strengthening the interaction between migration research and migration policy.

  • Smart Technology User Friendly Feedback For Life (STUFF-4-Life)

    This project investigates how digital health applications can be made suitable for people with low social economic status.

  • Dignity FIRM projectafbeelding


    The project contributes to improving conditions of irregularized migrants (IM) working in Farm to Fork (F2F) labour markets in four EU member states (IT, NL, PL, SP) and two associated countries (MO, UA).

  • Bustour ‘Sporen van Slavernijverleden in Gelderland’, 14 mei 2022

    Feeling the Traces of the Colonial Past

    The aim of this subproject is to understand how dance can be used to mobilise feelings and emotions for a better understanding of the colonial and slavery past.

  • klaslokaal

    Practical sanity of primary and secondary school leaders

    This project brings school leaders in primary and secondary education together in professional learning communities. In the meetings, school leaders reveal how they are currently leading educational developments.