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  • Emotie synchronisatie

    Being in sync together

    This research project investigates the importance of emotional synchrony in close relationships and its impact on lifelong social and emotional development.

  • Johann Ender- Vrouw aan haar Schrijftafel


    This project investigates historical sources dating from before ca. 1945 to interrogate how female authors were read in the past.

  • Een dienstmeid probeert met een ragebol een spinnenweb met spin te verwijderen. Illustratie bij het verhaal 'De spin en de zijdeworm' uit 'Fabelen voor de Nederlandsche jeugd' (1792). Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, RP-P-1907-5006.

    Bugging Bugs

    This PhD project examines how and why a narrative of disgust and unease emerged, spread, and became the dominant narrative on bugs still prevalent today.

  • Zwarte bril voor laptop. Kevin Ku. Pexels


    ATRIUM facilitates access to a wide range of reusable workflows and interoperable, composable services in the Arts and Humanities domain.

  • Zebravissenonderzoek

    Understanding and preventing the impact of endocrine disruptors on the hypothalamus-pituitary axes in sensitive populations

    The HYPIEND project examines the effects of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) on the stress, reproduction and thyroid endocrine systems besides implementing strategies to minimalize the exposure to EDCs in sensitive populations.

  • Vrouw geeft een presentatie voor publiek

    Personal and professional development with improvisation theatre

    In academic education, the focus is often on teaching and training cognitive rather than emotional skills. How can improvisational theatre contribute to developing those personal and professional skills?

  • Computer

    Disapeer: The reconfiguration of peers in editorial review

    An investigation into the transformative developments of editorial review at scientific journals, analysing the use of automation and artificial intelligence in the assessment of submitted papers and selection of reviewers.

  • Onderzoeksproject icoon

    Towards a Next Generation of Digital Interventions to Address Adolescent Susceptibility to Online Misinformation

    This project will take steps toward safe, effective, next-generation scalable interventions to address adolescents' susceptibility to video-mediated disinformation.

  • Co-production and co-creation

    Co-production in Public Services

    Co-production is a specific kind of citizen participation, in which citizens take a more active and direct role in the design and delivery of public services than in other types of participation. This research focuses on this topic.

  • Project Interlink

    INTERLINK: Innovating goverNment and ciTizen co-dEliveRy for the digitaL sINgle marKet

    The goal of INTERLINK has been to overcome the barriers preventing PAs to share services in the EU digital single market efficiently.

  • Brief an einen Pagarch und ein zweiter Brief (P.Vindob. A. P. 378), 709 CE, Aphrodito. Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

    From Mediator to Anchorer

    This project examines scribal traditions and clerical practices deriving from the Graeco-Roman Levant in the Umayyad and early Abbasid empires.

  • Kinderen zitten op een trap met hun smartphone in hun handen

    SOCIAL: Social Online Connectedness in Adolescents' Lives

    Some adolescents feel more lonely because of their social media use, while others feel more connected to others. In what context does what apply, when, and to whom?

  • Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France MS Hébreu 1082, f. 16r

    Subproject: Cultures of martyrdom in Al-Andalus

    The focus of this subproject is the so-called Cordoban Calendar, a combination of Arabic-language almanac and Christian liturgical calendar.

  • London, British Library Add. MS 30845, f. 56r (Making a martyr)

    Subproject: Setting martyrs to music

    This subproject looks into the music of the Old Hispanic commemoration of martyrs, exploring how it helped shape the identity of the martyr being commemorated.

  • Snelste voortbeweging van magneetgolven ooit ontdekt

    COMRAD: optimal magnetic switching for greenest random access devices

    The COMRAD projects focuses on developing and fabricating a cold optomagnetic memory device for greener data centres and super-computers. COMRAD aims to demonstrate how to decrease the dissipated heat in data storage at least by a factor of 10.

  • Electricity

    Copper-Catechol Synergy for the Development of an Energy-Dense and Long-Lived Redox Flow Battery

    The project aims to develop a new generation of copper redox flow battery that have a long lifetime (>20 years) and higher energy density than the state-of-the-art copper redox flow batteries.

  • NMR lab

    Operando NMR methods for studying electrochemical ammonia synthesis

    This project seeks to develop and apply new nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) methods to understand electrocatalytic reaction mechanisms. NMR is a non-invasive, atom-specific, and quantitative spectroscopic method.

  • Work life

    WORKLIFE consortium

    This project brings together various scientists and social players to investigate the causes and consequences of an imbalance between work or study commitments and responsibilities at home.

  • Opa die een kaart voorleest

    Role models and policies

    Policies around parenthood are increasingly designed to ensure that fathers who want to do so share care equally with their partners. This project explores why it is that policies seem to work well for some groups of fathers and less so for others.

  • Remote NMR

    Remote NMR (R-NMR)

    Remote NMR (R-NMR) is 3 years project by 26 European NMR groups/entities that aims to design and deliver a platform for remote access capabilities to Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) Research infrastructures (RIs).