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  • Parijsse Commune

    Vive la Commune! Communalism as a Democratic Repertoire

    This interdisciplinary research project seeks to approach ‘democracy’ as the subject of conflict and contestation. In light of this objective, our aim is to show how ‘The Commune’ has been the subject of political conflict and debate.

  • logo 21st Century Borders

    21st Century Borders

    Debates continue about how to theorize the changing nature of borders in a globalizing world. Concepts such as ‘the vacillating border,’ ‘mobile’ borders or ‘borders in motion’ have been predominant.

  • Praktijkonderzoek in het medisch onderwijs

    Doctors with character: towards a Master of Medicine that takes virtues seriously

    Assistant professor in Healthcare Ethics Jos Kole (Radboudumc) recently received a Comenius Senior Fellowship for the theme Bildung and identity formation.

  • Brainchain


    BRAINCHAIN aims to establish personalised treatment strategies for patients with genetic neurodevelopmental disorders. Our campus-based multidisciplinary team takes an integrative approach to go from molecule to brain and person to society.

  • foto van onderzoeksproject

    Infrastructuring Libraries in Transformation (ILIT)

    ILIT examines how public libraries in Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands as socio-cultural infrastructures address systemic challenges in rapidly transforming societies.

  • foto van project

    Moving MarketPlaces (MMP)

    The Moving MarketPlaces (MMP) project investigates the role of ambulant traders in the everyday production of inclusive public spaces in Europe.

  • Vrouw in vluchtelingenkamp

    The power of inaction and ambivalence in transnational refugee governance

    Lebanon and Turkey increasingly pressure the Syrian refugees they host to return to their country of origin. This project investigates how such contested return dynamics are influenced by EU-actors’ positioning.

  • Bestellen eten via smartphone

    Gig Economy

    The advent of the ‘gig economy’, enabling the hiring of service workers through online platforms, is considered to be amongst the most significant economic changes of the past decade.

  • fontein project foto

    BENIGN: BluE and greeN Infrastructure desiGned to beat the urbaN heat

    BENIGN aims to investigate how blue and green infrastructure can be employed in urban areas to create healthy living conditions.

  • Diversiteit op de werkvloer

    G-VERSITY - Achieving Gender Diversity

    G-VERSITY aims at fostering new kinds of expertise and jobs needed in Europe to help employers overcome the underrepresentation of women, men, and sexual and gender minority Groups (SGMs).

  • Afbeelding bij project Werken onder druk? Professionele identiteitsspanningen van leraren gedurende hun loopbaan: impact op burnout en welzijn

    Working under pressure?

    Quality of education depends heavily on the availability and quality of teachers. It is well known that the teacher shortage is partly caused by dropout of beginning teachers and burnout of experienced teachers.

  • Kind op balkon

    Reflexive Regulation using Narrative Methods

    The aim of the RUN-study is to develop reflexive regulatory arrangements, using narrative methods, putting service users center stage and enhancing accountability and dialogue.

  • logo vive la commune

    Vive la Commune! Communalism as a Democratic Repertoire

    This interdisciplinary research project seeks to approach ‘democracy’ as the subject of conflict and contestation and hypothesize that ‘The Commune’ may be regarded as the key signifier of a long-standing democratic repertoire in its own right.

  • Bureau met toetsenbord, pen en papier

    The controller profession

    This project aims to inventory developments for controllers, based on surveys and interviews in cooperation with the Dutch VRC (Vereniging van Registercontrollers).

  • Sociale woningbouw

    Complexity and Uncertainty in Circular Closed Loop Supply Chains - Case studies

    This subproject is part of a larger project focusing on 3 case studies in closed loop logistics focusing on stimulating capability development and double-loop learning transition towards a closed-loop timber supply chain.

  • Foto campussessie

    GEARING Roles

    The GEARING Roles project targets the questioning and transformation of traditional gender roles in research institutions at the micro, meso, and macro levels and assesses the design and implementation of Gender Equality Plans.

  • Groene gevel gebouw

    INSpECT: INfrastructure interdependencies in Sustainable and inclusivE CiTies

    INSpECT will explore these interdependencies to allow a more integrated approach towards strategic investments in transforming urban neighbourhoods.

  • Kantoor in gebouw

    Open Strategizing for Infrastructures in Transition (PRONTO)

    PRONTO investigates what practices of open strategizing are enacted by infrastructure agencies and develops governance and modelling approaches in support of the development of cross-sectoral infrastructure strategies.

  • Plastic flesjes

    Sustainable plastics

    We combine environmental life cycle assessment, participative system dynamics modelling, and ex-ante policy evaluation to assess the relevant sociotechnical systems around circular plastics and bioplastics.

  • Close-up van grassprieten

    Calcium Looping To Capture Co2 From Industrial Processes By 2030 (CaLby2030)

    CaLby2030 focuses on TRL6 demonstration of its pioneering Calcium Looping (CaL) CO2 capture systems using the wellestablished Circulating Fluidised Bed (CFB) technology to a state ready for largescale commercial deployment by 2030.