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Artificial Intelligence

Discover our research on the human side of artificial intelligence. From chatbots and robots that provide support in education and health, to algorithms for various complex issues.


Researchers from various faculties and research institutes are working on interdisciplinary projects relating to Artificial Intelligence.

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News about AI research

Growth fund grant for robot lab makes Netherlands a leader in Big Chemistry

A research programme aiming to build a revolutionary robot lab that combines chemistry and artificial intelligence (AI) will receive a contribution of 97 million from the National Growth Fund.

Jacobs Foundation awards 2 million Swiss francs to the Center for learning and living with AI (CELLA)

The Jacobs Foundation has awarded a grant of CHF 2 million (€1.9 million) to Professors Sanna Järvelä and Inge Molenaar at the University of Oulu, Finland and Radboud University, the Netherlands, to set up a global collaborative research center.


  • SignON

    To facilitate the communication between hearing, deaf and hearing-impaired people, the SignON project is developing a smartphone application that can translate sign language into spoken and written language and translate these back again.

  • Persoon met smartphone met chat-app open

    Look Who’s Talking

    Digital discussion partners such as chatbots can make complex topics more accessible. The Look Who’s Talking project will develop and test a new generation of chatbots that can engage in lengthy and interesting conversations.

  • Digitaal klaslokaal met leerlingen met computers en laptops

    Hybrid Human-AI Regulation

    This project focuses on the development of a ‘Hybrid Human-AI Regulation System’ (HHAIR system), which teaches 10- to 14-year-olds self-regulation skills. This will allow them to learn with support from adaptive or self-adaptive learning tools.

  • The Understanding Coach avatar prototype screengrab

    The Understanding Coach

    Patients with memory loss often need more support as their condition worsens. The Understanding Coach project is developing a compassionate AI-powered virtual human tool that is aimed at improving these patients’ quality of life.

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Radboud University's AI research focuses on the human side of artificial intelligence. In this video, Tibor Bosse and Pim Haselager talk about their unique views and distinct research.

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