Brain and behaviour

We are all human, but we all behave differently. Why is that? On research into what moves people and how our behavior emerges from our brain: from the level of molecules to human relationships.



Eye gaze and facial expression of robots are essential for interaction with humans

Robotics researcher Chinmaya Mishra looked at the importance of gaze direction and human emotions in our communication with robots and developed two systems to make robots' faces work in our favour.

Prevent – Cure – Care Dialoogsessies

Gravitation grant for research into therapies for blindness, adaptability in crises

Several projects involving researchers from Radboud University and Radboudumc are receiving NWO Gravitation Grants. These projects will each receive amounts of more than 20 million euros for top research.

Zonlicht door bladerdag in bos

Intensive trauma treatment relieves PTSD symptoms within eight days

Relieved from PTSD symptoms in eight days? It is possible with a highly intensive treatment method that combines trauma-focused therapies and lots of exercise. Eline Voorendonk will receive her PhD on 15 March for her research on this method.

Researchers on behaviour

Prof. J.C.T.M. Karremans (Johan)
Dr Y.H.M. van den Berg (Yvonne)
Prof. J.M. Vink (Jacqueline)
Prof. A.G. Sanfey (Alan)
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Brain researchers

Prof. K. Roelofs (Karin)
Prof. E. Aarts (Esther)
Prof. F.P. de Lange (Floris)
Prof. S. Hunnius (Sabine)
Dr L.K.E. Genzel (Lisa)
Prof. H. Bekkering (Harold)
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Research projects

Kinderen spelen volleyball

VMBO Sportlab

In the research project vmbo sportlab, a consortium of young people, practitioners and researchers will provide insights and knowledge about how to tackle inactivity among VMBO students and get them playing sport and exercising into later life

The Understanding Coach avatar prototype screengrab

The Understanding Coach

Patients with memory loss often need more support as their condition worsens. The Understanding Coach project is developing a compassionate AI-powered virtual human tool that is aimed at improving these patients’ quality of life.


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