Browser met OpenAI en ChatGPT uitleg
Browser met OpenAI en ChatGPT uitleg

ChatGPT and other AI chatbots

Artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT and Google Bard use large language models to generate quick, accessible answers to a variety of questions. It presents opportunities, but also risks. At Radboud University, research on this form of AI is being conducted from different angles.


Prof. I. Molenaar (Inge)
Prof. T. Sharon (Tamar)
Prof. I.J.E.I. van Rooij (Iris)
Dr A.C.P. Peeters (Anco)
Dr V. Blazevic (Vera)

Dr V. Blazevic (Vera)

Prof. A.P. de Vries (Arjen)
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Research news about ChatGPT and AI


Eye gaze and facial expression of robots are essential for interaction with humans

Robotics researcher Chinmaya Mishra looked at the importance of gaze direction and human emotions in our communication with robots and developed two systems to make robots' faces work in our favour.

Workhop members Neuromorphic Computing

Radboud voucher project evolves into consortium on neuromorphic computing

With a voucher from the Interdisciplinary Research Platform (IRP), Johan and his colleagues had the opportunity to investigate if it was possible to make scientific calculations more efficient and faster using neuromorphic hardware.


Musk's chip is impressive, but there are alternative ways

In the Data-Driven Neurotechnology Lab at Radboud University, researchers are working on ways in which, without using our muscles, we can still react to the world around us.


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