Mensen demonstreren voor gelijke samenleving.
Mensen demonstreren voor gelijke samenleving.


How do we ensure an inclusive society where everyone can be themselves and still have equal opportunities? We research diversity in the broadest sense of the word.


Researchers from various faculties and research institutes work on interdisciplinary research on the theme of diversity.

Prof. Y.W.M. Benschop (Yvonne)
Prof. M.C.L. van den Brink (Marieke)
Dr G. Bijlstra (Gijs)
Prof. T. de Lange (Tesseltje)
Dr C.W. van Galen (Coen)
Prof. C.H.B.M. Spierings (Niels)
Prof. A.B. Terlouw (Ashley)
Prof. H.L. Murre-van den Berg (Heleen)
Dr E.C.C.A. Blommaert (Lieselotte)
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News about diversity research

Letters NWO met een trofee icoon in het midden

Floris Cos, Wieke Metzlar and Marije van Lankveld receive funding from the PhDs in the Humanities programme

Floris Cos, Wieke Metzlar en Marije van Lankveld receive funding from the PhDs in the Humanities programme.

Picture of a young man with short hair and a mustache

People of Social Sciences: Mustafa Akpinar

Mustafa Akpinar wants to know how to improve the health of the Turkish-Dutch community. He uses a foolproof time management system to combine his busy personal life with his research.


30 million euros for research into social cohesion

The SOCION consortium has acquired a 30 million euro NWO Summit Grant to research social cohesion.


Moslima's having a high tea

Is Islamic religiosity a friend or foe of democracy and emancipation?

Islam is often said to be anti-democratic. By combining new and existing data, the researchers aim to gain new insights and redefine this perception.

Slaves register

Legacies of Bondage

This project will involve the construction of a database of the Surinamese population that existed between 1830 and 1950. It will combine the individual records of both enslaved, bonded labourers from China, India and Indonesia and free citizens.

Migrant working in a crucial sector

Migrants in the Front Line

An interdisciplinary team is examining both the effects that coronavirus measures are having on migrant workers who work in key sectors and the opportunities that the coronavirus crisis has offered for improving the protection of migrant workers.

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