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Discover expertise in ancient history and archaeology, historical demography and World War II, as well as the history of sports, women, slavery, disasters and famines.

News about historic research

Viabundus screenshot

Google Maps for 14th to 17th century trade routes

If you would like to know how long it took to get from Eindhoven to Deventer around 600 years ago, the updated version of Viabundus - which is like a variation of Google Maps for the 1350-1650 period - can be used.

Autoloze zondag - Nationaal Archief, Rob Mieremet

Researchers present Prime Minister Rutte with book on the parliamentary history of the 1970s

The issues that arose in the 1970s share striking similarities with our current crises, from energy crises and inflation to concerns about the quality of life on earth. Researchers from Radboud University have written a book about how Dutch parliamen

Overstroming te Erichem, 1809, Reinier Vinkeles (I), naar Cornelis van Hardenbergh, 1809

‘No nation is more charitable than the Netherlands’: the rise of disaster nationalism

Disasters such as floods cause a lot of suffering, but at the same time they can strengthen national identity. A certain ‘disaster nationalism’ arose in the nineteenth century, according to historian Fons Meijer, who will obtain his PhD on 28 June.


Researchers from various faculties and research institutes are working on interdisciplinary projects relating to History.

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  • Legacies of Bondage

    This project will involve the construction of a database of the Surinamese population that existed between 1830 and 1950. It will combine the individual records of both enslaved, bonded labourers from China, India and Indonesia and free citizens.

  • Gaarkeuken Montreal 1931

    Heritages of Hunger

    European famines of the past resonate in today’s debates. This project examines how lessons on famine are being taught at schools and heritage sites and whether such practices can enhance understanding and solidarity.

  • Rapenburg na ontploffing kruitschip

    Dealing with Disasters

    Dealing with Disasters approaches the identity formation of a nation and region from a new perspective. The formation of local and national identities will be examined in response to natural disasters in the Netherlands.

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  • We are the oldest city of the Netherlands – and we should show it, to visualise above ground what lies beneath is immensely important
    Portretfoto van Stephan Mols
    Stephan Mols Scientific Read Stephan's story
  • People often say the past helps you make sense of the present, but I say the opposite is true: the present brings the past into sharper relief
    Portretfoto Eric Moormann
    Eric Moormann Scientific Read Eric's story

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