Researcher builds robot
Researcher builds robot


Technological innovations that make an impact can change our lives. Discover groundbreaking, unique and striking research from Radboud University that affects us, now or in the future.


Man in donkere kamer met laptop

Symmetric Cryptography with Asymmetric-hardware Leveraged Architecture (SCALAR)

We use countless systems that rely on cryptography. Many of these systems use symmetric cryptography. This project will attempt to adapt the benefits of asymmetric cryptography to the symmetric variant.

Living Lab Ooijpolder

Living Lab Ooijpolder

In recent years, scientists have experimented with innovative forms of biodiversity restoration in the Ooijpolder in Gelderland. The Living Lab looks at how the existing pilot schemes and initiatives have improved biodiversity in this region.

Digitaal klaslokaal met leerlingen met computers en laptops

Hybrid Human-AI Regulation

This project focuses on the development of a ‘Hybrid Human-AI Regulation System’ (HHAIR system), which teaches 10- to 14-year-olds self-regulation skills. This will allow them to learn with support from adaptive or self-adaptive learning tools.

Virus particle corona

Solidarity in times of a pandemic

The coronavirus has had unprecedented consequences for our society. This project explores the way in which people have approached the new coronavirus policy. What makes people follow the given advice, or rather what makes them ignore it?

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Look Who’s Talking

Digital discussion partners such as chatbots can make complex topics more accessible. The Look Who’s Talking project will develop and test a new generation of chatbots that can engage in lengthy and interesting conversations.

Apple Watch met gezondheidsdata

Digital Good

Technology companies like Google, Apple and Amazon have moved into the domain of health and medicine. The Digital Good project explores the ethical and societal challenges that are associated with this ‘Googlisation of health research’.

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Innovative method for stabilizing a gas of bosonic molecules

Researchers from Radboud University, together with researchers from Columbia University (USA) managed to stabilize a bosonic gas with strong dipolar properties, greatly reducing losses and extending the lifetime.

cancer therapies

Radboud startup GlycoTherapeutics will focus on development innovative cancer therapies

GlycoTherapeutics, spin-off company Radboud University's Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM), will focus on developing innovative cancer therapies based on sugar molecules on the surface of cancer cells.

dna helix attacked by bacteria

Radboud researchers discover novel antifouling material against bacterial infections

Chemists from the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM) of Radboud University have developed a unique material that not only prevents bacteria from binding to surfaces but also kills any bacteria that overcomes this initial defense barrier.

Floating transport by magnets

NIFTI is a revolutionary new way of clean and safe transportation: a floating module powered by magnets in the road surface. Nigel Hussey takes a closer look at the technology.

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Marker Wadden

Nature researchers from Radboud University on how the Marker Wadden are a unique example of innovative nature restoration.

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