Practicing good law is about more than just legal knowledge. Law scholars at Radboud University work together with legal practitioners, and have one foot in society.

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Afbeelding avn het Binnenhof

Free, fair elections require constant maintenance

Elections are at the heart of our democracy. But keeping those elections free and fair requires constant work, warns Leon Trapman. Although Dutch electoral law is well regulated, there is still room for improvement.

Uiterst Vertrouwelijk: ouderwetse typmachine voor cryptografische doeleinden

New book dives into history of Dutch secret service

In this new Dutch book, Rowin Jansen, Bart Jacobs and other experts delve into history to reflect on the state of intelligence and security services today.

Stadsaanzicht Curacao

The Impact of Slavery on the Former Netherlands Antilles | Lecture and conversation by anthropologist and Thinker in Residence Rose Mary Allen and scholar of religion Justine Bakker

Learn from anthropologist and Thinker in Residence Rose Mary Allen about the impact of slavery on the cultural identity of the former Netherlands Antilles.


Researchers from various faculties and research institutes work on interdisciplinary research regarding law and legal studies.

Prof. T. de Lange (Tesseltje)
Prof. J.L.W. Broeksteeg (Hansko)
Prof. P.P.T. Bovend'Eert (Paul)
Prof. A.B. Terlouw (Ashley)
Prof. F.J. Zuiderveen Borgesius (Frederik)
Prof. D. Busch (Danny)
Dr B.M.A. van Eck (Marlies)
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Migrant working in a crucial sector

Migrants in the Front Line

An interdisciplinary team is examining both the effects that coronavirus measures are having on migrant workers who work in key sectors and the opportunities that the coronavirus crisis has offered for improving the protection of migrant workers.

Political pamphlets on a sign

Political parties between freedom and restraint

Under current Dutch law, political parties are rarely regulated. This project investigates whether legal and constitutional regulation of the form, organisation and function of political parties is needed.

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