Handen met praatwolkjes
Handen met praatwolkjes


Our researchers work on the big questions of linguistics: from language technology to genetics, from brain research to sign language, and from rhetoric and influence to language acquisition and psycholinguistics.


Researchers from various faculties and research institutes are working on interdisciplinary projects relating to Linguistics.

Prof. Sanders, J.M. (José)
Prof. Das, H.H.J. (Enny)
Dr Dingemanse, M. (Mark)
Prof. Breij, B.M.C. (Bé)
Dr Strik, W.A.J. (Helmer)
Dr Unsworth, S. (Sharon)
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News about linguistics

INAR 7 Conference

Looking Back at INAR 7

From 5 to 7 July 2023, we enjoyed an inspiring seventh workshop of the International Network of Address Research (INAR 7).

JamBGS1597 liedtekst - Wouters / Moormann - Meertens Instituut

How the Huguenots were blamed for 16th-century storms

While some people claimed that the pandemic originated in China, others attributed the cause to the mistreatment of animals. Even in the 16th century, the news media provided different explanations for major disasters, Marieke van Egeraat, who will...

Kletskoppen festival 2022

Kletskoppen wins global prize for science engagement

On 16 August, Kletskoppen was announced as a winner of the 2023 Falling Walls competition in the category of science engagement.


Beeldmerk 2in1project


How does one child actually acquire and use two different languages? The 2in1 project examined how a bilingual child’s languages affect each other and the circumstances under which this occurs.

Puzzle with missing piece

Elementary particles of conversation

Words like oh, huh? and mmm may seem insignificant, but these words are also vital. The researchers from the Elementary Particles of Language project are looking at how these small words help us to steer our conversations and thoughts.

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