Afbeelding avn het Binnenhof
Afbeelding avn het Binnenhof


How is a country or region governed? How do politicians campaign? Our political research spans from topical current-day issues to major global themes that have impacted the world for decades.


Researchers from various faculties and research institutes are working on interdisciplinary projects relating to Politics.

Prof. C.T. van Ham (Carolien)
Prof. P.P.T. Bovend'Eert (Paul)
Prof. E. van der Zweerde (Evert)
Dr K.T.E. Jacobs (Kristof)
Prof. C.H.B.M. Spierings (Niels)
Dr J.J.M. van de Sande (Mathijs)
Prof. M.D. Davidson (Marc)
Dr A.S. Zaslove (Andrej)
Prof. B.M.C. Breij (Bé)
Dr A.C.M.W. van Kessel (Alexander)
Dr N.M. Stel (Nora)
Prof. E. Mastenbroek (Ellen)
Prof. J.A. Verbeek (Bertjan)
Dr J.A.A. Linssen (Jeroen)
Prof. S.C. van Bijsterveld (Sophie)
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Stemmen verkiezingen

How research on voting behaviour contributes to a more nuanced picture of Islam

By understanding how Muslims participate politically, we can nuance Western European perceptions of Islam.

Draaimolen van kunstenaar Matthijs Bosman voor project Superland

Discussing democracy on a carousel: 'You’ll never catch each other up'

On Sunday 5 November political scientists and public administration experts from Radboud University will be taking their place on a carousel in Deventer. There, the researchers will enter into discussion with the public on the subject of populism.

Nederlandse politieagent in 1977

Funding for research on police adaptations in response to changing expectations

Laura Brinkhorst will focus on how the police in the Netherlands adapted to changing social and administrative expectations during the period from the 1930s to the 1980s.


Schilderij van Alexis de Tocqueville

Tocqueville in the New World

Alexis de Tocqueville wrote an analysis of democracy in America in the nineteenth century. In this project, Tocqueville’s ideology will be linked to Dutch democracy in a variety of ways.

Moslima's having a high tea

Is Islamic religiosity a friend or foe of democracy and emancipation?

Islam is often said to be anti-democratic. By combining new and existing data, the researchers aim to gain new insights and redefine this perception.

Political pamphlets on a sign

Political parties between freedom and restraint

Under current Dutch law, political parties are rarely regulated. This project investigates whether legal and constitutional regulation of the form, organisation and function of political parties is needed.

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