Onderzoek naar doorwerking slavernij op Curaçao van start
Onderzoek naar doorwerking slavernij op Curaçao van start

Slavery Memorial Year

How does the slavery past affect the present? Radboud University conducts research into the slavery past and its impact on our culture and institutions.

Apologies for slavery past

According to cultural scholar Liedeke Plate, the official apologies by the Dutch cabinet for the history of slavery are an important step. 'The institutional racism that still exists today has a relationship with the history of slavery.'

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Slave registers available for everyone

In 2018, the Surinamese slave registers came online: a source for everyone who wants to know more about Surinamese ancestors or the slavery past. Historian Coen van Galen and colleagues from the Anton de Kom University of Suriname took the initiative. Many more slave registers have been digitalized and published in the past years.

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Colonial systems

When it comes to slavery, it is also about our colonial past as a whole, according to historian Marleen Reichgelt. Together with Marit Monteito and Maaike Derksen she researched 'civilization offensives' in former Dutch colonies. They translated their research into teaching materials for primary schools.

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Dr Galen, C.W. van (Coen)
Dr Teijlingen, K.M. van (Karolien)
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Research news about the colonial past and slavery

illustratie predikant Jan Brandes op Sri Lanka in 1785: kaneelschillers op een kaneelplantage in een buitenwijk van Colombo

'European slavery in Asia seems to have almost disappeared from collective memory'

Historian Dries Lyna and his colleagues are trying to bring the forgotten Asian slavery back into history. ‘We want to reconstruct family histories of enslaved people and their descendants’ With his research, Lyna hopes to contribute to a wider...

Afbeelding op plafond van de vergaderzaal van de Staten van Holland

Sharing new research findings on South Holland's historical ties to slavery

The findings of the research The Chains of Holland’s Glory will be presented by Dr. Karwan Fatah-Black (Leiden), Dr. Lauren Lauret (University College London), and Dr. Joris van den Tol to the residents of the province on June 8, 2023, in The Hague.

Screenshot Nationaal Archief Suriname

Suriname birth certificates for and by the public put online

The first part of the database of the Civil Registry of Suriname is online since today on the website of the National Archives of Suriname. These are birth registrations made in Paramaribo between 1828 and 1921.


At Radboud University, much research is being done on the colonial past, but also on diversity, equity and inclusion. 


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