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Research about everything that goes on outside our planet Earth. From lunar missions to black holes, within our galaxy and far beyond.


Researchers from various faculties and research institutes are working on interdisciplinary projects relating to the universe.

  • Prof. Haverkorn van Rijsewijk, M. (Marijke)
  • Dr Moscibrodzka, M.A. (Monika)
  • Dr Klein Wolt, M. (Marc)
  • Prof. Falcke, H.D.E. (Heino)
  • Prof. Nelemans, G.A. (Gijs)
  • Prof. Waters, L.B.F.M. (Rens)

News about the universe

Growth fund grant for robot lab makes Netherlands a leader in Big Chemistry

A research programme aiming to build a revolutionary robot lab that combines chemistry and artificial intelligence (AI) will receive a contribution of 97 million from the National Growth Fund.

Jacobs Foundation awards 2 million Swiss francs to the Center for learning and living with AI (CELLA)

The Jacobs Foundation has awarded a grant of CHF 2 million (€1.9 million) to Professors Sanna Järvelä and Inge Molenaar at the University of Oulu, Finland and Radboud University, the Netherlands, to set up a global collaborative research center.


  • Milky Way


    Researchers from the MAGALOPS research project will measure the Milky Way’s magnetic field by using the optical polarisation of starlight. The final model will help in understanding the interplay between the magnetic field, gas and dust.

  • BlackGEM telescope array

    BlackGEM telescope array

    When neutron stars and black holes collide, gravitational waves are released and a hot luminous ring of gas is created. BlackGEM is a series of telescopes that helps researchers to more accurately determine where a collision has occurred.

  • Picture of black hole M87

    Polarisation around Black Holes

    The Event Horizon Telescope is a global effort to construct an Earth-sized virtual radio telescope array that can be used for making pictures and films of two neighbouring supermassive black holes. Detailed theoretical models of black holes will now...

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