Aquatic Ecology
Aquatic Ecology

Radboud Institute for Biological and Environmental Sciences

The Radboud Institute for Biological and Environmental Sciences (RIBES) aims to perform world leading research in order to understand the response of the natural environment to human impact. With this knowledge, the institute contributes to mitigating ecosystem degradation and finding solutions to restore the natural environment.


Elektriciteit opwekken uit afvalwater is mogelijk

Recently discovered bacterium holds promise for improved wastewater treatment

The recent discovery of the comammox bacterium might prove pivotal in a new and improved approach to wastewater purification that will be more efficient according to research carried out by Pieter Blom.

Close-up photo of a plant leaf with leaf veins

Gravitation grant for GreenTE: Green Tissue Engineering

Among the awardees of the 2023 NWO gravitation programme is the project GreenTE: Green Tissue Engineering, for which Jian Xu (RIBES) is one of the co-applicants. Read more about the project on this page.

Sarian Kosten standing in a ditch next to a green field of grass, with a Dutch windmill in the background

Aquatic ecosystems in hotter water – the message of Sarian Kosten’s inaugural lecture

During her inaugural lecture in February 2024, prof. dr. Sarian Kosten drew attention to the fact that surface waters are important emitters of greenhouse gases – which is why we should manage them differently.

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Radboud Institute for Biological and Environmental Sciences is located in the Huygens building in Nijmegen.

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