RIBES Graduate School

Doing a PhD at RIBES means that you have the opportunity to receive training, develop your personal and professional skills, and prepare for your future career. The Graduate School wishes to offer all RIBES PhD candidates a complete programme and support for academic development in this phase of their career.

All PhD candidates within RIBES are automatically enrolled in the RIBES Graduate School.

Training for RIBES PhDs

All PhD candidates draw up a Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) during the first three months of their trajectory, in which they describe their planned courses and training. The RIBES TSP format can be found in the RIBES Teams environment and can be downloaded at the bottom of this website. 

All RIBES PhDs (both internal and external) take part in the following three activities:

  1. Introduction morning at the Faculty of Science
  2. Practical Didactic Skills (or a comparable educational course, such as Education in a Nutshell)
  3. Scientific Ethics and Integrity

The remainder of the training programme depends on previous experience, preferences and desired career after the PhD. PhD candidates can discuss their programme with their supervisors or with the graduate school coordinator.

You can view the full RIBES Graduate School programme below, which may serve as a starting point for choosing courses and training. PhD candidates who complete at least 420 hours in the Graduate School programme will receive the RIBES Graduate School certificate.

Training at other graduate/research schools

Our PhD candidates are encouraged to be active members of the scientific community and follow appropriate courses to contribute to their research project. This can also be done at other (national) research schools or graduate schools. This is supported by our institute and can be combined with or integrated in the RIBES Graduate School programme.

RIBES TSP format

RIBES TSP format_May 2024.docx

This version of the RIBES TSP format is effective from May 2024


The RIBES office is open for any questions you may have regarding your PhD project or any other issues. Send an email to or stop by our office:

Lara de Die (graduate school coordinator) - HG 02.009

Bea van Beurden (management assistant) - HG 02.012