Organismal Animal Physiology
Organismal Animal Physiology


Experimental facilities are highly relevant for research of Radboud Institute for Biological and Environmental Sciences (RIBES) in all main research themes. On this page you can find all relevant research facilities.

Greenhouse, Phytotron and experimental gardens

In 2014 a new greenhouse came into use, including eight large growing rooms and five computer controlled climate rooms, designed for the variety of research at RIBES. In the Phytotron plant growth and below ground root interaction can be studied. And approximately 7500 m2 is available as experimental garden, including smaller and larger ponds. Learn more of the Greenhouse and experimental gardens.

Radboud Zebrafish Facility

The aquaria of RIBES is where the fish and the necessary facilities are housed for research using the zebrafish as an animal model. The zebrafish is very suitable for genetic research, because there is a complete gene bank for it. This makes it possible to modify the genes of the fish for research into different genetic abnormalities. Learn more about the Zebrafish Facility.


RIBES microbiologists have discovered several 'impossible' micro-organisms over the years. Their bioreactors have been instrumental in these discoveries. The reactors contain the optimal conditions for growth and the conditions and population development can be monitored in detail over many months. Learn more about the Bioreactors.

General Instrumentation

General Instrumentation (GI) is a service department of the Faculty of Science of the Radboud University, run by a dedicated staff. This facility hosts medium to large instruments that are often complex and expensive. For RIBES, several state-of-the art instruments are of vital importance. These include the transmission (TEM) and scanning (SEM) electron microscopes and image analyses techniques. Analyses techniques include Autoanalysers for water and soil samples in biogeochemical-ecological research. CN elemental analyser, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, Isotope Ration Mass Spectrometry, Total Organic Carbon analyser and auxiliary equipment. Learn more about the General Instumentation.

Molecular labs

Several RIBES research clusters have advanced equipment for processing material for molecular analyses. RIBES technicians run the instruments and optimise the protocols, and equipment is shared among research groups.