Roman Waalpainting on a bridge in Nijmegen with woman cycling
Roman Waalpainting on a bridge in Nijmegen with woman cycling

Radboud Institute for Culture & History

The Radboud Institute for Culture & History (RICH) is a research institute that focuses on understanding the complexities of the past and present of Europe in a changing world. We research how texts, ideas, and cultural objects migrate across time and place and inquire into their roles in new contexts, for instance in maintaining or disrupting inequalities or by providing tools and strategies for coping.


Edwin van Meerkerk, hoogleraar Cultuureducatie

Edwin van Meerkerk appointed Professor of Cultural Education

Edwin van Meerkerk wordt per 1 december 2023 benoemd tot hoogleraar Cultuureducatie aan de Faculteit der Letteren van de Radboud Universiteit.

Kinderen kijken door VR bril

Quality Arts Education

This research project aims to provide insight into the implementation practice of the national Quality arts education programme.

Jeroen Dera, universitair docent Nederlandse Letterkunde

Jeroen Dera receives KNAW Early Career Award for leading research on literature education in the Netherlands

Jeroen Dera, assistant professor of Dutch Literature at the Faculty of Arts, receives the award for his innovative research into the place of reading in education, but also on online platforms such as TikTok.


ESDG Seminar: Sex work and the making of (post) modern Amsterdam, 1875-1985

Object Lessons: Multimodal Analysis of Text Carriers Across Disciplines

Exploring 'Belonging' and Postcolonialism

EAAS Digital Studies Network: First Online Open Forum

Visiting address

The Radboud Institute for Culture and History is located in the Erasmus Building in Nijmegen.

Erasmusplein 1
6525 HT Nijmegen


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