Roman Waalpainting on a bridge in Nijmegen with woman cycling
Roman Waalpainting on a bridge in Nijmegen with woman cycling

Radboud Institute for Culture & History

The Radboud Institute for Culture & History (RICH) is a research institute dedicated to exploring the present and the past through the lenses of culture, history, literature, and art. Our researchers collaborate with academic and societal partners to deepen our understanding of the dynamics of an interconnected world and provide context for pressing societal challenges such as inequality and climate change.


Hindostaanse contractarbeiders in het immigrantendepot, Hendrik Doijer, 1903 - 1910

Suriname death records reveal fate of Hindustani indentured labourers after slavery

An important step in making Surinamese history visible after slavery will be taken on 17 April 2024. Death certificates from 1846-1915 make visible the history of Hindustani indentured labourers, which was previously often missing from archives.

Uiterst Vertrouwelijk: ouderwetse typmachine voor cryptografische doeleinden

New book dives into history of Dutch secret service

In this new Dutch book, Rowin Jansen, Bart Jacobs and other experts delve into history to reflect on the state of intelligence and security services today.

Illustratie van weegschaal, prikkeldraad, koffers, vlag, voedseldropping

"Heritages of Hunger" exhibition now online!

Just published: an online exhibition on famines, aimed at high school students. It delves into historical truths and modern misconceptions of famine, offering a unique perspective on its complex causes, its profound impacts, and ways to prevent it.


Exposition: Young People in the Line of Fire

Masterclass Kathryn Smith

Kick-off Meeting of the COST-Action GreatLeap (hybrid)

Radboud Ancient and Medieval Lecture Series: Jeffrey Fynn Paul

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The Radboud Institute for Culture and History is located in the Erasmus Building in Nijmegen.

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