HiDo: Scientific Network for Historical Demography

Time frame

January 2020 – December 2024

Project description

The Scientific Research Network for Historical Demography brings scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds together. The network consists of 14 research groups from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Norway, UK, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands. The idea is that by joint efforts and systematic comparisons, important scientific progress can be made. The network promotes historical demography at the international level by broadening and deepening scientific knowledge and increasing capacity building in collaborative partnerships.

The Scientific Research Network Historical Demography is organised around five Working Groups(WG), each focusing on a particular theme:

WGI:   International comparisons of causes of death (coordinated by Angélique Janssens, Radboud University)

WG II: Long term trends in partner choice, love and marriage (coordinated by Paul Puschmann, Radboud University & Joana Maria Pujadas Mora, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya & Center for Demographic Studies – Autonomous University of Barcelona)

WG III: Historical demography of colonial societies (coordinated by Hilde Bras, University of Groningen & Sarah Walters, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

WG IV: Citizen science in historical demography (coordinated by Isabelle Devos, Ghent University & Hilde Sommerseth, The Artic University of Norway).

WG V: Genetics and historical demography (coordinated by Niels van den Berg, Leiden University Medical Center & Sophie Claerhout, KU Leuven)


FWO – Research Foundation Flanders


  • Prof Isabelle Devos: Isabelle.Devos [at] ugent.be (Isabelle[dot]Devos[at]ugent[dot]be)
  • Dr. Paul Puschmann: Paul.Puschmann [at] ru.nl (Paul[dot]Puschmann[at]ru[dot]nl)