Studenten lopen in het voorjaar buiten het Maria Montessorigebouw
Studenten lopen in het voorjaar buiten het Maria Montessorigebouw

Radboud Social Cultural Research

Radboud Social Cultural Research (RSCR) is a research institute at the Faculty of Social Sciences. We investigate the societal phenomena of social inequality and inclusion. Through our research on changing inequalities, we aim to contribute to more equality in society.


Twee mensen schudden handen tijdens een sollicitatiegesprek

More objective application procedures ensure greater equality in selection, but managers still aren’t convinced

Leaving out personal data on CVs leads to a considerably higher chance of employers selecting candidates with a migration background. This is the conclusion of a large-scale study by Radboud University and Utrecht University.

Sara Kinsbergen

Sara Kinsbergen appointed Professor in the field of the Citizens’ Role in Sustainable Development

On 1 July 2023, Sara Kinsbergen was appointed Professor in the field of the Citizens’ Role in Sustainable Development at the Faculty of Social Sciences.


30 million euros for research into social cohesion

The SOCION consortium has acquired a 30 million euro NWO Summit Grant to research social cohesion.


Plaatje wetenschappelijke loopbaan

Ethnicity and gender still play role in likelihood of academic career

Research sheds new light on persistent gender and ethnic inequality in the Dutch academic world. The results show that women and ethnic minorities are still less likely to pursue academic careers. Ethnicity in particular is an underexposed factor.

Yellow sign with black letters that says 'Foreign aid'.

When does foreign aid work?

When is foreign aid good and professional? What unintended results can it produce? Dirk-Jan Koch addresses these questions in his latest book on foreign aid.


National Growth Fund: new grants for research with Radboud scientists

Ten projects from the first three rounds of the National Growth Fund will definitively be awarded a subsidy. Several projects also involve researchers from Radboud University.

Research projects

Vrouw achter computer

ICT-competency and inequality in student performance

We examine the role that aspects of information and communication technology (ICT) play in inequalities between family background and gender in educational outcomes.

Drie mannen en een vrouw op vier stoelen.

Breaking Into the Boys’ Club

This project collects unique data among the general workforce to provide new insights into the roles of unequal network composition and returns as explanations for gender disparities in career success.

Employer retirement

Understanding old-age inequality

The impact of work, family and health trajectories on post-retirement economic, social and psychological well-being across Europe

Visiting address

Radboud Social Cultural Research is located in the Maria Montessori building (room 02.090) in Nijmegen.

Thomas van Aquinostraat 4
6525 GD Nijmegen


Get in touch with the research institute by contacting the RadboudSCR office.