Maria Montessorigebouw
Maria Montessorigebouw

Research at RSCR

At Radboud Social Cultural Research (RSCR), we aim to improve the understanding of (the processes leading to) inequalities in various societies.

Changing Inequalities, Inclusive Societies

We study how people's diversities, e.g. their identities, demographic background and context, affect inequalities in their access to social, cultural, economic and natural resources and in their opportunities for education, employment, personal growth and health. We study how people's engagement in (in)formal organisations and networks changes inequalities and analyse the factors contributing to differences within and between countries.

Research groups 

We are organised into three research groups:

Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies


Gender and Diversity 


In this list, you can find some of our current projects.

Drie mannen en een vrouw op vier stoelen.

Breaking Into the Boys’ Club

This project collects unique data among the general workforce to provide new insights into the roles of unequal network composition and returns as explanations for gender disparities in career success.

Employer retirement

Understanding old-age inequality

The impact of work, family and health trajectories on post-retirement economic, social and psychological well-being across Europe


Evangelical Protestants in the year 2020: Community, Identity and Belief

This project aims to gain a better understanding of this particular group of more orthodox, devout believers.


Research Master's programme 

The Social and Cultural Science programme combines insights from the disciplines of sociology, anthropology, development studies, political science and communication science.

Social and Cultural Science