Assessment interview (information for supervisors)

The assessment interview is a formal procedure. You will only conduct these types of interviews with a staff member when legal implications are expected to come into play. Examples of such situations include those in which a staff member is set to change jobs, have their contract renewed, or be promoted to a higher salary scale. The assessment interview can only be conducted if several other annual appraisal interviews have already been conducted. The Human Resources (HR) department will supervise the process and will ensure that details of the appraisal are added to the staff member’s personnel file.

The assessment interview is conducted with the help of an appraisal form. You will have completed this form prior to the interview:

Appraisal interview form

If the staff member does not agree with the assessment, they may lodge an objection within two weeks. If the staff member makes no objection within this time frame, the assessment will be finalised. This action will be carried out by the Dean, the Director of Radboud Services or the Executive Board. 

If a staff member’s job performance is unsatisfactory, the ultimate consequence is dismissal. In such cases, it is wise to coordinate your actions internally and to obtain advice from the HR advisor. 

Assessment of PhD candidates

When it comes to the appraisal of a PhD candidate, an 18-month contract will initially be signed. The supervisor will prepare an assessment, conduct an assessment interview and will make a ‘go’ or ‘no-go’ decision about the remaining duration of the PhD programme well before the contract is due to expire. If deemed suitable, the employment contract will be extended for the remaining intended duration of the PhD programme.

Assessment moments during the tenure track - career tracks

Evaluation and assessment moments have been incorporated into the track, and these will take place halfway through and at the end of the tenure track. This is when the candidate’s progress will be discussed and compared to the development and performance targets that were set by a specially formed advisory committee. On the basis of the committee’s recommendation, the faculty management will decide whether tenure and/or promotion will be awarded.



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