How to tackle discrimination and harassment

Harassment and discrimination can negatively affect the well-being and opportunities of individuals and communities. But how do you recognize moments of discrimination or harassment? And how can you act in those situations?

If you’ve ever asked yourself if you can spot harassment or hate crimes, wondered how it may impact the individual or questioned how you would respond in such a situation? The interactive modules “Being an Active Bystander” and “Responding to Disclosures” help you gain insight into these topics and walk you through situations that equip you with practical tools.

Sign up and help contribute to a safer Radboud community. Follow the instructions:


1. Click on the link

2. Fill out the registration form. IMPORTANT: You must use your email address to sign up. This will be your username.

3. Use one of the following token codes in the registration form:

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5. Log in with your chosen username and password.

6. On the My Courses screen, you will see the Epigeum Tackling Harassment program.

7. Click on the program to see the two courses that make it up (Being an Active Bystander and Responding to Disclosures),

8. Click on a course to start. Once completed successfully (score 80% or higher), you can download your certificate of completion.