Professionals and students, working and researching in the field of giftedness, know what beautiful things can emerge from curious minds. We know the power of collaboration and sharing perspectives. Our field must connect, share, and interact. We therefore bring to your attention the international think tank platform Koios, an international platform on giftedness.

Why Koios

Koios allows people with different perspectives to meet, allowing fruitful discussions, collaborations and new insights to emerge. Koios's aim is to foster an international online community of students, professionals in research and practice, and organisations working together on issues related to giftedness. Koios is an opportunity for professionals in research and practice to involve enthusiastic students in the field of giftedness in projects they are working on. Participating students can make meaningful contributions to these projects, develop their knowledge and skills, and expand their network.

To foster fruitful collaborations between professionals and students, Koios allows professionals to post projects they are currently working on to, which students can then apply. Examples of projects you may think of are carrying out research tasks, analysing data (as part of a thesis/internship), summarising and synthesising literature, and assisting with teaching/guiding gifted students. But any other possible way of cooperation can form the basis for a project on Koios!

How do I sign up

If you would like to take part in creating a thriving online community, we encourage you to sign up for Koios and post your project.

Professionals in research and practice and students can sign up via this link following these steps:

  1. Fill out the required information and select the role of ‘professional’ or ‘students’
  2. Briefly introduce yourself and explain why you want to join Koios under the ‘Introduction’ section.

As soon as the Koios team approves your account request, you can access Koios. More information about Koios can be found on the website.


Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. Please email us if you have any general questions about the platform and suitable content. For any technical issues, you can send an email to koios.technical.support [at] ru.nl (koios[dot]technical[dot]support[at]ru[dot]nl).