Studenten lopen in het voorjaar buiten het Maria Montessorigebouw

Campus Detachering

Are you studying and looking for a side job? Or are you looking for a suitable student assistant for your department? Campus Detachering is the central point for student jobs within Radboud University.

Studenten op de campus

Working on campus

Would you like to earn some extra money in a place where you can easily combine study and work, where your supervisor thinks along with you and where you gain relevant work experience? Then working on campus is ideal for you.

Through Campus Posting, you can work at all sorts of places on campus, for example at one of the faculties, the Marketing & Communications division or one of the catering establishments. Check out our open positions and apply immediately!

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Werken op de campus

Hiring a student

Looking for a suitable student to work in your department or as an assistant on a research project? Campus Posting will help publicize your vacancy and manage the placement.

Hiring a student


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