Furnishing & cleaning

Services related to furnishing and cleaning rooms on campus.

  • Waste separation

    We separate waste as much as possible on campus. In order to do this, there are waste separation bins near most offices, lecture halls, and libraries for plastic, cans, beverage containers, coffee cups, and non-recyclable waste.

  • Interior plants

    Plants and greenery contribute to a pleasant work and study environment. Our interior planting is provided by an external supplier. Would you like more greenery in your department? Contact the Service Centre for more information and procedure.

  • Furniture and furnishings

    Radboud University can customise any office space or meeting room. Additional costs apply.

  • Ordering furniture for your home office

    If you work from home, it is important to have a safe and healthy workplace too. Employees can therefore order a desk and office chair for their home office.

  • Cleaning services

    The rooms on campus are cleaned every day. If the standard level of cleaning is not enough, you may request an extra cleaning service.

  • Pocket ashtrays

    To prevent cigarette butts from ending up on the ground, polluting the campus and the environment, please use a pocket ashtray.