Reserving sports facilities

At the Gymnasion, various rooms, halls and fields are available for free sports and exercise. These facilities are available to both RSC members and non-members.

Reservations by non-members

Non-members can reserve a facility by sending an email to accommodatie-rsc-cf [at] (accommodatie-rsc-cf[at]ru[dot]nl). From 24 hours in advance, reservations can also be made by telephone (024 3612392) or at the RSC desk. The following rental rates apply to non-members:

Reservations by members

Members can reserve a sports room, sports court or sports field free of charge 48 hours in advance. Reservations are for one hour; if there are no reservations after you, you can keep using the facilites. The easiest way to make a reservation is to use the 'Free Sports' section of the RSC app.

Are you a member and would you like to reserve a facility more than 48 hours in advance? You can do this up to eight days in advance using this form:

Reservation conditions

When reserving a facility, at least half of the participants must have a sports subscription; subscription cards must be presented at the RSC desk beforehand. Non-members can also participate in sports activities (except tennis, squash, swimming and fitness) for a fee of €8.00 per person. This amount must be paid in advance.

Borrowing, renting or buying sports equipment

To borrow, rent or buy equipment, please visit the Gymnasion's front desk. Read more here.

Lights on for outdoor sports

The outdoor lights will only be switched on if there are at least six people participating in an activity on the hockey field, football field, rugby field or athletics track. For beach volleyball courts, the lights can be switched on if there are at least four players.

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