Using Motion Graphic Templates

Radboud University’s corporate video bumpers are provided as Motion Graphic Templates. These can be used when editing a video in Adobe Premiere Pro. Click here to find out how you can install the templates on Windows and macOS.


  1. Requirements

    • Adobe Premiere Pro (latest version)
    • A video project with a minimum of 1 sequence
    • .mogrt-files which can be found at

    Please contact the corporate identity team at communicatie [at] (communicatie[at]ru[dot]nl) if you use other video editing software.

  2. Import .mogrt-files

    1. Open your project in Premiere Pro.
    2. Click on the 'graphics' tab at the top of the screen.
    3. The Essential Graphics panel opens. If it does not, go to Window > Essential Graphics.
    4. In the lower right hand corner of the Essential Graphics panel, click on the 'Install Motion Graphics Template' icon.
    5. From the screen that opens, browse for the .mogrt files. Select a file and click 'Open'.
    6. The bumper is now in your 'Essential Graphics' panel. You can now use it in your project by dragging it to the timeline.
    Example Premiere Pro
  3. Edit .mogrt-files

    1. Drag one of the templates onto your timeline.
    2. Click on the template you want to edit.
    3. In the Essential Graphics panel, the Edit tab opens. Here you can edit and scale the titles. Make sure that you always use the Open Sans font. This is set automatically.
    Example Premiere Pro