Photography and film

Creating visual material, yourself or through an external party.

  • Copyright images

    Do you use an image that was not created by Radboud University? You will need to obtain consent from the person who created the image. Or use royalty-free images.

  • Image archive

    Radboud University’s image archive contains royalty-free images of its campus, and its researchers and students.

  • Hiring a photographer or film maker

    If you want to hire someone for photography, film or animation, you are free to select someone or a party. Read more about the conditions.

  • Obtaining photography and filming consent

    General guidelines apply when you are creating visual materials. In some cases, written consent will also be required.

  • Publishing videos

    Radboud University has its own channel on the YouTube video platform, as do organisational units, such as faculties and institutions. Any video that appears on one of these channels must comply with our guidelines.