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If you have an RSC subscription, you can take part in many activities in the form of a ticket hour. That means that you have to reserve a ticket in advance to be able to take part in a group lesson. There are no fewer than 300 of these classes a week, ranging from a barbell workout to yoga, and from singing to kickboxing. A small number of these ticket hours are even offered online so that you can take classes from home. Handy if you occasionally don't have much time, if you are abroad or if you'd like to try out something new without spectators.

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You can reserve a 'ticket hour' through the RSC website or the RSC app. Before the class starts, you print your ticket at a ticket printer on the ground floor of the Gymnasion. Printing can be done from 3 hours prior to the start of your activity. This ticket, plus your membership pass, gives you admission to the class. The instructor may ask you to show both of them. 

  Students & Alumni Top Fit Card Fit Card
Reservation period 5 days in advance 8 days in advance 8 days in advance
Maximum number of reservations 2 3 3

Last-minute ticket

For classes where there is still a place available, you can have an extra ticket printed at the desk two hours before the class starts. You can always request such a 'last-minute ticket', even if you already have the maximum number of reservations.


If you reserved a ticket but it turns out you can't attend the class, cancel the ticket through the RSC website of de RSC app. You can cancel, free of charge, for every ticket hour up till 1 hour before the class starts.

No-show bar and fine

If you fail to attend your reservation twice in a space of 28 days, without cancelling at least an hour beforehand, you will be barred from reserving for a period of 28 days. You can have the bar removed by paying €2 at the RSC desk. That money will go tocharity.


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