Billie Cup

The Billie Cup is a reusable and exchangeable cup that reduces disposable waste and increases circularity on campus.

How does it work?

When you order a drink, you can receive it in a Billie Cup by paying a small deposit of 1 euro. Upon returning the cup, you will receive a Billie Coin, which you can use to get a new, clean Billie Cup at a later date. This BillieCoin can also be redeemed for a 1 euro discount on other products.

Coffee Corners

The Billie Cup can be used not only at the Coffee Corners, but is also accepted by the coffee machines on campus.

Food and beverages on campus

Een foto van de Billie Cup, een beker die hergebruikt kan worden

More information about the Billie Cup?

Contact the Campus & Facilities department.

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