Online sports classes

With a subscription from RSC, you can join online ticket hours via Zoom. 

This means that you can follow live classes from the comfort of your own home. Each week there are 4 ticket hours on the schedule for which you can register via the app. Whether you are already very experienced or a beginner: online classes are suitable for anyone. During the class, the instructor will indicate several options so that you can participate at your own level.

How does an online ticket hour via Zoom work?

  • You can register for participation in an online ticket hour via our registration system or the RSC app.
  • There are 298 places available per online ticket hour and you can register up to 1 hour in advance.
  • Immediately after you have registered for participation in an online ticket hour, you will receive an email with the zoom link for this lesson. Safe this email and open the zoom link when the lesson starts.
  • Because online ticket hours are only intended for members of the Radboud Sports Centre, you will first enter a digital waiting room after opening the zoom link. An employee of the sports centre then allows you to access the online class.
  • Online classes are offered as ticket hour, but do not count in the amount of reservations you are allowed to have. You can therefore register in addition to another reservation.

'Rules' for a smooth running of online ticket hours via Zoom

  • Try to find a room in your house where you can place your computer in a stable position and where you have enough space to move around safely.
  • Make sure you have a mat, a towel and something to drink.
  • In case of a Body, Power or Intensity workout, have dumbbells ready if you have these at home. For a Pilates class you can use an extra towel as an aid and for a Yoga class a pillow (or towel) and a yoga block (or a book).
  • Log in to the Zoom meeting via the link you will receive by email.
  • If you don't have any sound, check the bottom left of the screen to see if you have already clicked 'join Audio'. Then select 'Join with Computer Audio'.
  • If you cannot see the teacher in a large screen, you can click 'View' in the top right of the screen and select 'Speaker View'.
  • If your Zoom connection is lost or has stopped during class, try to find a place where the WiFi is stronger. If this does not change anything, turn off your camera, this often makes a difference.
  • If you have any urgent questions or comments during class, please don't talk, but use the chat function at the bottom of your Zoom image. An employee of the sports centre will answer your questions.

Privacy during online ticket hours

  • Online classes are not recorded by us, they are only streamed live!
  • Your camera is off by default at the start of the class. However, it is nice for the teacher to see you, so you are more than welcome to turn on your camera. In that case you will also be visible to your fellow athletes. You can always turn off your camera during the class.
  • Your microphone is set to 'mute' by default during the entire class, communication is only possible via chat.
  • You have the option to change your name if you do not want it to appear. If you do not log in from your own Zoom account, but directly from the link, you can choose in advance which name you want to use.

We wish you lots of fun during our online ticket hours!

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