Request activities for your team

Are you organizing a meeting, conference, or (online) event for your team, department, or working group and do you want to keep the participants active and moving? Then you can call us in for an active break. Our workouts are fun to follow and help get the blood circulation going again. After a sporting activity, everyone has enough new energy!

Live or online

We offer various activities on request. This can be done live on location, but also online! We like to tailor a workout to the group and the occasion. Whether you want to offer the participants of your meeting a 15-minute online desk fit, a half-hour yoga session, or a 50-minute body workout, we are happy to help.

More information

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of our (online) activities? Then you can send an email to Loes Komdeur (loes.komdeur [at]


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