Logging in to the brand portal with your Radboud account

You may currently be using your email address and password to log in to the Brand Portal. Creating a link between your login and your RU number and Radboud password will simplify the Brand Portal log in process.


  1. Creating a link

    • Make sure that you are working with either the Chrome or Firefox browser
    • Go to the Brand Portal
    • You should now see the following screen:
    Voorbeeld inlogscherm brandportal
    • Enter your Radboud account details
    • You will now see the Brand Portal login screen
    • Use your email address and chosen password to log in here one more time:
    Voorbeeld inlogscherm brandportal
    • The link has now been created.
    • Close your browser and return to www.ru.nl/brandportal.
    • From now on, you can log in to the Brand Portal with your Radboud account.