Safety: what can you do yourself?

The BHV organization is set up to minimize the consequences in case of emergencies, but employees and students also have their own responsibility in this. Therefore, it is important to know what you your can do to keep the campus as safe as possible.

  • Check the evacuation procedure so that you know what is expected of you in the event of an evacuation.
  • Make sure you know where the emergency exits are, where the extinguishers are located, and make sure to read the instruction manual or ask an BHV member how the extinguishers work.
  • Keep access to the building free from obstructions.
  • Do not place obstacles in the communal areas and stairwells.
  • Close windows and doors when you leave a room.
  • Do not leave equipment turned on unnecessarily, especially when you are not present.
  • Save the internal emergency number 024 3655555 in your phone.

Need extra help with evacuation? 

Do you have a disability that makes you need extra help during an evacuation or emergency? Discuss with your supervisor or the department's prevention officer (PAM'mer) how to prepare for an evacuation or emergency. 


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