Personal development

Developing your personal skills as an employee.

  • Employee discount on continuing education

    Employees enjoy a 10% discount on Radboud Academy's continuing education offer. There is no maximum amount on the discount and you may use the discount scheme several times a year.

  • gROW online learning environment

    In the online learning environment gROW, you can follow e-learnings, workshops, training courses and programmes that help you realise these ambitions. Your personal dashboard contains activities that match your position, role and department.

  • Development and career progression

    Radboud University gives you space to develop yourself. The university offers e-learning modules, workshops, training courses and programmes. You will be reimbursed for any training course that you follow as part of your career development.

  • Development days

    Every employee has access to at least two development days every year to work on personal sustainable employability.

  • Personal leadership

    As a staff member, you are able to show personal leadership by taking control of your work and your career.