End of employment

Everything you need to know as an employee when your employment contract ends at Radboud University.

  • Termination of employment

    Employment contracts can end in different ways for an employee. Read more on this page.

  • Resignation notice period

    If you wish to submit your resignation, you will need to comply with the period of notice. The period of notice depends on your contract of employment. You will need to submit your resignation to your supervisor in writing.

  • Transitional severance pay for contract termination

    If your contract has not been renewed, or you have been dismissed from your job, you are usually entitled to transitional severance pay.

  • Compensation for belated termination temporary contract

    If you have a temporary contract for six months or more, the university must notify you in due course about whether your contract will be renewed. If the university does not notify you about this in time, you will be entitled to compensation.

  • Unemployment and unemployment benefits

    If you become unemployed due to dismissal or termination of temporary employment by operation of law, you may be entitled to benefits based on the Unemployment Insurance Act.

  • Leaving your job due to illness

    If you are ill when your temporary contract ends, Radboud University will transfer your file to Robidus.