As soon as you start working, ABP starts building up your pension. Check your accrued pension or find out about early retirement options: the 'Pension' page has everything you need to know as an employee. ABP informs his beneficiairies in Dutch. For non-native speakers some documents are translated in English: check

  • Calculate your pension

    View the amount of your pension or how you put together your own pension.

  • Retiring soon?

    If you plan on retiring soon, you can register as a pensioned employee of Radboud University. By registering, you can continue to use certain facilities as a pensioner.

  • Early retirement or reduce your working hours just before retirement

    If you want to take early retirement or you want to reduce your working hours before your reach the state pension age (AOW), you can take advantage of the ABP Multi-option Pension and the Vitality Pact.

  • Help with pension question

    If you have any outstanding questions after reading the pension information, check here for options to get them answered.

  • My state pension age

    The AOW age is known 5 years in advance. On the website of the Social Insurance Bank you can calculate your AOW age.

  • My pension

    Here you will find information specific to your pension (in Dutch). You will need your DigiD for this.

  • New job

    Have you just started working at Radboud University or do you have a job elsewhere? This can have consequences for your pension.

  • Pension contribution

    All staff members accrue a pension with ABP. This contribution, of which 70% is paid by the university, goes towards your old-age pension, survivor’s pension and incapacity for work pension.

  • Report a change to your pension fund

    Has something changed in your personal situation that has an impact on your pension, such as getting married, getting divorced or moving? In that case, notify the ABP pension fund of this change.