Management screening

Why screening?

For a safe working environment, integrity is an important value. Integrity refers to honesty, sincerity and reliability in personal and business relationships, in academic teaching and research, and in governance and management. Screening can help mitigate risks of non-integrated behaviour. Directors and management have an exemplary role in this. It was therefore decided to introduce pilot screening of management for a period of two years. 

Integrity risks involve threats arising from not acting professionally, reliably and with due care. Violations of integrity can occur in any organisation: confidential data becoming public, a director overclaiming, conflicts of interest, theft of goods, dangerous substances, etc.

Which functions are screened?

These are the positions in which there is an above-average risk of integrity violation and where particularly high demands are made on the integrity of the employee, so-called 'vulnerable positions'.

Directors, supervisors, professors and management have a special responsibility in this. They have a role model function in the sense that they instil integrity and respectful behaviour, and they have an important role in initiating and reviewing activities. Risks of unethical behaviour can be mitigated by screening employees.

Screening takes place before appointment to any of the following positions:

Vulnerable positions

Financiële zaken
  • Divisiedirecteur Finance & Control
  • Hoofd IAD
  • Hoofden control
  • Controllers1)
  • Hoofd salarisadministratie
  • Hoofd en plv hoofden financiële administratie
Facilitaire zaken
  • Hoofd inkoop
Management & Bestuursondersteuning
  • College van bestuur
  • Secretaris cvb
  • (Adj.)directeur bedrijfsvoering
  • Directeur centraal organisatie-onderdeel (incl. de algemeen directeur Radboud Services)
  • Decaan en vicedecaan
  • Directeur Onderwijs of Onderzoek
  • Divisiedirecteur Information Services
  • Security manager
  • (Adj.) Directeur UVB

1)  Hier worden controllers bedoeld met het UFO-profiel controller. Wel bijv. projectcontrollers met het UFO-profiel controller, niet projectcontrollers met het UFO-profiel administrateur.

Depending on the aspects of the job, a more extensive screening may take place in addition to a standard screening. The screening is carried out by an external party, Validata. 

What forms of screening are there?

  1. Standard screening: Proof of identity, Education check, Work experience, Integrity statement, VOG (security manager)
  2. Financial/directorate screening: standard + credit check (finance, facilities, management and board support, real estate, Information Services division director).


With further questions about screening, please contact your HR department. If your questions concern the process at Validata, please ask Validata Support via tel. no. 088502100 or via support [at]

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