Accessible parking

Most of the campus parking facilities also have parking spaces that have been reserved for people with a physical handicap. View the map to see where the accessible parking spaces are located on campus.

Campus map

Exemption paid parking for students with a physical handicap

You can request a free parking card as a student under certain conditions. This is possible for:

  1. Students who travel by car because of a physical handicap and who hold a parking permit because of their handicap (from their municipality).
  2. Students who travel by car because of a temporary physical handicap and who do not hold a parking permit. Please note: if you do not have a parking permit, first contact your student counsellor by e-mail. If you have not been to a student counsellor before, make an appointment online.

Use the form below (in Dutch) to request exemption for paid parking. If you submit your request and you meet all requirements, you can use your campus card as a parking permit.



Do you have a question about parking or need help? If so, please contact the Service Centre.

+31 24 363 33 33

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