Parking Regulations Radboud University

August 2022

1 Application for parking subscription

  1. Staff members and students of Radboud University can apply for a parking subscription. They must be registered as staff members or students and have an employee/student number. Employees on a declaration basis can also apply for a subscription. In addition, employees of external companies located on the University premises can also apply for a subscription.
  2. The parking subscription must be applied for by means of the parking subscription application form. The original form must be signed and returned to Campus & Facilities, for attn of Parking Management Department, P.O. Box 9044, 6500 KD Nijmegen or by e-mail to Parkeren-CF [at]
  3. The processing time for the subscription application is a maximum of 4 working days from receipt of the application form by the Parking Management Department.
  4. If the applicant is in possession of a campus card or student card, the subscription is activated on this card. Application for a separate parking card is only possible for external staff who do not have a campus card.

2 Subscription costs

  1. A subscription for students, employees and employees with an E-number costs € 15.00 per month and for external staff € 45.00 per month. The whole monthly amount will also be charged for a subscription taken out during the course of a month.
  2. The costs for the parking subscription of employees who receive a salary from Radboud University are deducted from their salary. In other cases the costs are settled by direct debit.
  3. Companies that carry out work on the campus are also required to pay for parking. The reduced rate of € 15.00 per month also applies to them.
  4. Motorcyclists are exempt from paying. They can enter and leave the site through the barrier. However, it is not permitted to park motorbikes in spaces reserved for cars and bicycles/mopeds. Clearly recognisable parking spaces have been provided for motorbikes in all car parks and the parking garages.

3 Exemptions

  1. Employees and students with a permanent physical disability must apply to the municipality of their place of residence for an exemption to use an accessible parking space. When applying for a parking subscription, a copy of the dispensation must be enclosed.
  2. Employees with a temporary physical disability can apply to the Occupational Health and Safety Service (AMD) for a medical indication for the use of an accessible parking space; students should apply via the student counsellor at the Student Affairs Office. In order to claim a free subscription, a copy of the declaration must be handed in when making the application.

4 Loss of pass

  1. In the event of loss of a parking pass, € 20.00 is charged. A signed authorisation form must be handed in to the Parking Management Department. The charges are settled by direct debit.

5 Terminating subscription

  1. A subscription must be cancelled in writing to Campus & Facilities, for attn of Parking Management Department, P.O. Box 9044, 6500 KD Nijmegen or by e-mail to Parkeren-CF [at]
  2. The period of notice is one calendar month and the termination must be received by the Parking Management Department before the first day of the month.
  3. In the event of long-term illness, for longer than one month, the above-mentioned period of notice does not apply. The Parking Management Department must be informed of this as soon as possible in advance by means of a declaration from the Occupational Health Officer or student counsellor. Reports on a period of sickness which has already ended will not be taken into consideration.
  4. The season ticket of employees of Radboud University is automatically terminated when they leave employment.

6 Use of grounds

  1. Long-term use of a parking space for an uninterrupted period is not permitted.