Guidance, advice and complaints

Radboud University helps students and staff who need help to successfully complete their studies or work comfortably. On this page you will find an overview of the support that you can make use of.

  • Occupational health physician

    Can advise you on preventing health risks at work or working with health-complaints.

  • Occupational Social Worker

    Supports you with workload-related changes due to personal circumstances.

  • Campus Psychologist

    Helps you with private and/or work-related problems leading to work-related health issues.

  • Coaching

    Supports you with feeling stuck at your job or feeling that your health is suffering due to work-related circumstances.

  • Financial support for study delay

    If your studies are delayed because of your circumstances, you may be eligible for financial support.

  • Adapted studying

    If you are restricted from taking classes because of your circumstances, Radboud University can adapt your study programme to suit your situation.

  • HR officer

    Supports you with any issue and can further advise you what steps you can take to resolve your problem.

  • Writing help

    Did you know that you can get free writing help? Talk to a writing coach or attend a workshop on academic writing.

  • Knowledge security

    Helps you to get in touch with protecting your knowledge or taking actions.

  • Occupational health support worker

    Helps you to look at the opportunities in your work in relation to your health.

  • Aftercare for drastic events

    Helps after something drastic at work happened that affected you.

  • Emergency Fund

    The emergency fund helps students who are enrolled at the Radboud University, and find themselves in a financial emergency situation, by means of an interest-free loan.

  • Ombudsofficer Staff

    Helps if you have a question, report or complaint about the conduct of other employees or organisational units.

  • Step-by-step Plan for Student Guidance: Who should I contact?

    If you need help or advice to successfully complete your studies, you can contact a number of different student counsellors who will be happy to help you. Fill in the step-by-step plan below and see who you can contact if you have any questions.

  • Studying with a buddy

    If you have a disability that affects your studies, a buddy can provide the necessary support.

  • Studying with extra provisions

    Students who may need provisions in order to study successfully can apply for these provisions.

  • Union representative

    Gives advice, if you are a member of the FNV, about your job, legal status or collective bargaining agreement.

  • Confidential Adviser Staff

    Helps you if you experienced undesirable behavior or if you feel unsafe. Can also help with any follow-up steps.

  • WetenschapVeilig

    What to do if you are (online) intimidated or threatened as a scientist.