Guidance, advice and complaints

Radboud University helps students and staff who need help to successfully complete their studies or work comfortably. On this page you will find an overview of the support that you can make use of.

  • Career coaching

    Are you feeling stuck in your job, lacking challenges, experiencing excessive work pressure, or are you noticing that your health is suffering due to work-related issues? You can request an advisory consultation with one of our coaches.

  • Company Doctor

    Are you sick or do you sense you are at risk of getting sick? Then please contact our company doctor.

  • Occupational Social Worker

    The occupational social worker supports you with workload-related changes or when you are going through difficult personal circumstances impacting your performance.

  • Campus Psychologist

    Are you experiencing a lot of work-related stress and tension? Or do you regularly feel anxious or depressed and does this limit your ability to function? Our campus psychologist can help.

  • Financial support

    If you incur a delay in your studies or you are having financial problems, we can offer financial support.

  • Adapted studying

    If you are restricted from taking classes because of your circumstances, Radboud University can adapt your study programme to suit your situation.

  • Disputes Committee

    Do you disagree with a decision of the dean or director? Please discuss this with your immediate supervisor. Are you unable to work out your differences together? You may submit an appeal to the Executive Board.

  • Conversation with an HR-employee

    Do you have an issue and need to talk to an independent person? You can always contact the HR officer or HR advisor of your own faculty or division and talk to them in a confidential setting.

  • Complaints Committee

    If you have experienced undesirable behaviour, you can file a complaint with the Executive Board.

  • Supervisor

    Your supervisor is usually your first point of contact when encountering problems. This person can usually help you find a workable solution.

  • Confidential Adviser

    Staff members who feel unsafe while they are working, or have been involved in a dispute or have been exposed to undesirable behaviour, or who are concerned about scientific integrity can contact a confidential adviser.

  • Ombudsofficer Staff

    Do you have a question, report or complaint about the conduct of other employees or organisational units? Please contact the ombudsofficer.

  • Studying with a buddy

    If you have a disability that affects your studies, a buddy can provide the necessary support.

  • Studying with extra provisions

    Students who may need provisions in order to study successfully can apply for these provisions.

  • Study delay

    If your studies are delayed because of your circumstances, you may be eligible for financial support.

  • Contact the union representative

    If you are a member of the FNV you can contact our union representative with questions and problems about your job, legal status or collective bargaining agreement.

  • WetenschapVeilig: What should you do when faced with online intimidation?

    What to do if you are intimidated or threatened as a scientist.