Complaints, objections and appeals

Do you have a complaint or disagree with something? On the pages below you can find more information about the various procedures and the Central Complaints Office. You can lodge a complaint, objection or appeal against a decision addressed to you at this desk.

  • Lodging an appeal with the Examination Appeals Board

    If you disagree with a decision that was made by the Examining Board or an examiner, you can lodge an appeal with the Examination Appeals Board.

  • Lodging an objection with the Executive Board

    If you disagree with a decision that pertains to you in a matter such as your registration or deregistration, tuition fees, admission or selection for a numerus fixus study programme, you can lodge an objection.

  • Lodging a complaint

    If you, as a student, have ever been mistreated by a lecturer or other university staff member, or you are dissatisfied with the quality of the campus facilities, you may lodge a complaint or submit a suggestion.

  • Lodging an external appeal with the Council of State

    If your objection or appeal has been settled and you disagree with the outcome, you can appeal to the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State.

  • Disputes Committee

    Do you disagree with a decision of the dean or director? Please discuss this with your immediate supervisor. Are you unable to work out your differences together? You may submit an appeal to the Executive Board.

  • Annual reports students' legal protection

    The list includes the annual reports on the legal protection of students from 2017, containing the complaints, objections and appeals for each year.

  • Complaints Committee

    If you have experienced undesirable behaviour, you can file a complaint with the Executive Board.

  • Central Office Legal Protection Students

    You can lodge a complaint or lodge an objection or appeal against a decision that pertains to you through the Central Office Legal Protection Students.

  • Ombudsofficer Staff

    Do you have a question, report or complaint about the conduct of other employees or organisational units? Please contact the ombudsofficer.