Hiring flexible labour

The university has a framework agreement with Driessen for flexible employment.


This service contract concerns the hiring of flex labour for UFO profiles, scales 1 to 9. The following functions/activities fall within this scope:

  • Human Resources;
  • Finance;
  • Communication;
  • Administrative activities;
  • Secretarial activities;
  • Logistics operations;
  • Student support;
  • Education and research support;
  • Catering;
  • Cleaning.

Invigilators are excluded. Payrolling is not included in the tender.

Campus Detachering, Radboud University's internal payroll company, therefore remains the focal point for employing students in student side jobs.

Application process

HR advisors are responsible for the application process. They can make a decision between the Campus Employment Office and Driessen depending on the question of the supervisor/team leader. The HR officer takes care of the further administrative processing.


The department head/team leader is responsible for the process regarding the approval and/or rejection of booked hours. The idea is to verify the hours on Monday and reject the hours that are not approved. Incidentally, a change can be made up to 4 weeks after an invoiced is processed. The HR advisor has insight into the costs and contracts through reports in Driessens system.

The applicable CLA is the ABU-CLA. Driessen applies different rates for phase A and phase B. The invoices are sent to facturen [at] cif.ru.nl.


  • 0492 - 50 66 44 en radboud-universiteit [at] driessen.nl (radboud-universiteit[at]driessen[dot]nl)