Hiring self-employed persons

Do you have an occasional job within your department that cannot be done by your own staff and is not directly part of the university's core activities? Then you can temporarily hire a self-employed person (ZZP'er) for it. A ZZP'er is a self-employed person without personnel. It involves external specialised support for a specific assignment or project.

Assignment Agreement

A zzp'er schedules hours, work and holidays personally and can do assignments for other clients at the same time. Agreements with freelancers are laid down in an Assignment Agreement. These include agreements on the execution of the assignment. It is important to check that there is no question of working as an employee. If you hire a zzp'er for an assignment and it does turn out to be paid employment, this is called false self-employment. Radboud University is then seen as the self-employed person's employer and has to pay wage tax and social security contributions, just like an employee. The self-employed person can also claim continued payment of wages in case of illness and an employment contract. The Assignment Agreement is used to minimise such risks. However, it is important that the work is actually done as agreed in the Assignment Agreement. 

Always contact your HR department to discuss the possibilities and draw up a Assignment Agreement.