Requesting and activating a library card

Radboud University’s libraries are freely accessible and the collection can be browsed for free. You will need to have a library card if you wish to request, borrow and reserve materials. In most cases this is free. A library card only gives access to the library’s physical collection. Off-campus access to the digital library is only available to students and staff from Radboud University and Radboud university medical center.

Loss or theft of a library card

Separate library card

Report loss or theft of the library card immediately at one of the service desks. A replacement copy of the library card costs €4.50. In case of theft, you can get a new copy for free with proof of report and proof of identity.

Other cards

Are you using your campus card, student card or HAN card as a library card? Please report loss or theft to the institution you received the card from.


The University Library staff members can answer your questions.

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