Rules for the use of the library of Radboud University

Article 1

The University Library of the Radboud University (Central Library and library locations) is open to anyone. Practical information on opening hours and services can be found on the website of the University Library.

Article 2
Access to print and digital collection

Borrowing from the print collection

Anyone can borrow or consult materials from the print collection of the Radboud University.

Non-borrowable items can be consulted in the library or in a special room such as the Reading Room Special Collections.
Details on requesting a library card or a visitors card can be found on the website of the University Library.

Staff and students of the Radboud University / RadboudUMC can use their campus card (staff pass, student card) as library card.

Digital library collection

Terms and conditions of use of the Digital Library of the Radboud University and the Radboud University privacy- and security policy apply to consulting the digital library collection as well as to using the computer- and network facilities.

Consulting the digital library collection on RU-campus is possible for everyone, through

  • the RU network account (staff/students RU/RadboudUMC)
  • guest login (others), only on site at the library location

Off campus access to the digital library collection of the RU is, due to licences, limited and not publicly authorised.

Article 3
Obligations borrower/borrowed materials

  • The borrower shall be liable for damage to or loss of the item on loan, from the moment that it is handed to the borrower or to whom it is sent at this person’s request, until the moment when the item on loan has been returned to the library, irrespective of how or by whom the damage or loss was caused.
  • In case of loss or damage, the library shall bill the borrower for the replacement cost of the item.
  • Borrowers who repeatedly fail to meet their obligations to return or renew borrowed materials on time lose their borrowing privileges, until they fulfil their obligations with respect to the library.

Article 4
Rules of conduct

Visitors should comply with the library house rules. These were created to offer a pleasant and calm study environment in the library and to keep the place in optimal condition.
The university librarian (or representative) is entitled to remove any visitor who is obstructive for others, or whose presence raises fears that the library could be damaged in any way.

Article 5
Complaints procedure

If these rules lack certain regulations, please write to the university librarian.
Objections against these rules and appeals against the measures taken by the librarian can be directed to the Executive Board.